Thursday, March 1, 2012

Action 108 - Find The Good.

There's a lot of negative out there. The news is full of terrible people doing terrible things to each other. And what do these stories have in common? I can't do anything about them and reading the stories breaks my heart.

Action 108 - Find The Good. The media may choose to focus on horrible stories, but that doesn't mean that I have to do the same. I have the power to choose what I consume. And today, I'm choosing something with a positive spin.

A terminally ill teenager given only months to live voiced an unusual regret to a friend last month—that he would never read the final, unpublished novels in Harry Turtledove’s The War That Came Early series. The friend posted a message on the Internet site Reddit, which was spotted by writer Jason M. Hough, who shares a publisher with Turtledove. Thanks to Hough’s efforts, the sick teen received both an advance copy of Turtledove’s next book and a phone call from the author himself. Hough played down his good deed. “I just made a phone call,” he said. “Right place, right time.”

Yes, this teenager is dying. And yes, it makes me sad. But I choose to focus, instead, on the generosity of the author and what a tremendous gift he gave. In a life soon to be cut short, the chance to read a treasured novel long before it's available to anyone else is a simple but meaningful pleasure.

The world is full of good people doing good things. They deserve more of my attention, not less. And they'll get it.


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  1. This touched my soul, because we never know when we all will die; but been facing death every day this past year! And some closer to death and dying than others, older and wiser, but still die the death like a thousand screams in the night; will we ever feel complete? Does the washing of regeneration ever end any generations? Will I see my children have children? And when this life ends..... will I really die? Don't want to die, and many think is life and end when I do? Sooner or later we all die, because all life is ever lasting change. I wonder if I will be all I desired to be in this life? Mother, Grandmother, friend ... will I be finished? Will I finish everything I started that? That book, that quilt I started for my son or daughter; or will I be able to finish collecting those recipes for a cookbook I started collecting years ago? Lost and losing all the good with the bad, the sinful with the good and all those simple pleasures in life (like eating a good meal) or just living to have another harvest in our garden? I wonder too how things will end. Will we choose good or evil mission in this life? Will we feel contented and completed this time around?