Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Half Marathons, So Far.

Found this out at It's a summary of my half marathons, from my first (Safari Park) to my most recent (OC Half).

This is really helpful for me to see. My outlier times have been when I was pacing with someone else. My full-run times are all very consistent. Heck, even the wicked hills of the La Jolla Half couldn't slow me down that much.

And yes, I'm most proud of my Personal Record of 2:00:24 set at the Orange County Half. I ran with everything I had on that course, and I'll gladly carry that around as a PR for a while.

I've run eleven half marathons already, and I have another one scheduled for Monday, May 28th. I think there may be something addicting about this particular habit of mine.

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