Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Action 451 - Enjoy The Side Effects.

After the half marathon on Sunday, I joined the Jester Crew at Mile 26 and cheered until the very last finisher came across the line at 7 hours, 7 minutes. I've already talked about what an emotional experience that was, but I am just now realizing that the emotional was only half of it.

Action 451 - Enjoy The Side Effects.

Usually, a couple of days after a long run, my legs are tight and sore. It's not anything crippling, but it's definitely noticeable and it keeps me from running. But after Sunday's half, I am fine. No lingering effects at all. Yes, I believe that my better training is helping to reduce the pain after. But that's not the only factor.

After running two hours, I spent the next four hours on my feet. I stood at the mile marker, pacing back and forth, and stretched out my legs post-run. I didn't even think about it, I just wanted to be there to cheer in the runners. But that back and forth, gentle walking and long-term standing really helped me. Imagine that, a physical benefit of doing a good deed.

And there's more. I'm reading reviews this morning about the OC Marathon and Half Marathon and people are unhappy with the traffic trying to leave the fairgrounds. Me? No problem. By the time I left at 1pm, there were few cars in the parking lot and I was able to just drive right out with no delay and no crowds.

So, if you are thinking about joining one of the newly forming Jester Crew Flash Mobs at Mile Markers 13 or 26, there's even more reason to do so. You can stretch out post-race and miss all the post-event traffic jams.


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