Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Action 487 - Find Something "Special."

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a snacker. And sometimes, the snack I want is salty and crunchy. But eating a big bag of potato chips is never a good idea.

Action 487 - Find Something "Special."

I don't know how long these have been on the market, but I am just now discovering the Special K Cracker Chips. For 110 calories, I get about 30 chips. I went with the Sea Salt flavor, and they were worth every single calorie. I'm definitely adding these to my list of go-to snacks.

And a note of caution to myself: Yes, they come in packages larger than the single-serving, 100 calorie bag. No, we will not be buying those larger packs. Because we will eat the entire big bag in a single setting.

Oh, yes. I know my weaknesses, and a bag of salty chip/crackers is among them. I'll only buy the sizes I intend to eat completely. Experience tells me anything larger is a mistake.

And tomorrow, I may try the Cheddar Cheese variety. Bring on the chips!

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