Thursday, May 10, 2012

Action 460 - Choose Only One.

Argh. I hate not being able to have everything I want. Yes, I realize that I sound like a spoiled brat when I admit that. But there it is, anyway.

There are three things I want but I can really only afford one of them. They each cost about the same, so...

Action 460 - Choose Only One.

I can run the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon on June 3rd.

Totally fun, another full marathon, and I love shiny medals.


I can run the Nanny Goat 24 Hour 100 Mile Challenge on May 26th.

It's a huge challenge, the "medal" is fun, and it's a brand new experience.


I can buy myself a new iPod Nano to use on the Pasadena Marathon.

I want to be able to switch playlists - from dance club to rock - and my Shuffle doesn't do that. Plus, it would be a reward for finishing like my watch was for running the Marine Corps Marathon.

I can make a good argument for each of them. And I can afford one, but only one.

Fortunately, I don't have to decide tonight. I can think on it over the weekend and make my decision early next week.

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