Thursday, May 17, 2012

Action 491 - Rev It Up!

This morning was my last scheduled run before Sunday’s marathon. I wanted to run at least six miles, but I wasn’t sure how much farther than that I would go.

Action 491 - Rev It Up!

I decided to start at 6.0 and work up every mile. The first mile felt awkward, sort of uncomfortable, like I was running on a new pair of legs. For a moment, I thought, “I should bail on this run today and save my energy for Sunday.” And then I thought, “shut up and run.” And that was that.

At mile 1, I kicked up the speed to 6.1. And I continued that way until I got to mile 5. I decided then that I would kick up the speed at quarter-mile intervals.

  • 6.5 mph until mile 5.25

  • 6.6 mph until mile 5.50

  • 6.7 mph until mile 5.75

  • 6.8 mph until mile 6.00

Then I kicked it up to 8 mph and ran like a crazy man until I hit mile 6.34 at 60 minutes.

It felt good. And once I stopped over-thinking everything in the first mile, the rest of the run was comfortable and almost effortless. And yes, I was a complete sweat monster by the end of the hour, but I still managed to look good.

My confidence is high. My training will be enough. I AM ready for this marathon on Sunday.

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