Thursday, May 3, 2012

Action 424 - Sort Out My Tech Life.

It's been a frustrating e-day.

I'm balancing multiple accounts for Twitter, personal and administrative accounts on Facebook, and blogs on WordPress and Blogger. It's quickly become unmanageable and confusing.

Action 424 - Sort Out My Tech Life.

After a long day of hits and misses, I think I have finally worked out a plan. I've linked what needs to be linked, deleted what needs to be deleted, and figured out what I need to do going forward. I do have a couple of things that I will need help with, since my tech savvy self isn't quite as savvy as I thought. But once those things are cleaned up, it will be smooth sailing for the kid.

Whew. Now, what else did I need to get done today? I still have plenty of time, right? It's only... almost 10pm? Damn it.

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