Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Action 489 - Be A Chip Off The Old Block.

My Grandfather turned 90 years old last week. I went to Austin to celebrate his birthday, but he was in the hospital and unable to enjoy a party. I did see him in ICU, though, and was able to talk and visit with him there. Back at my Uncle and Aunt's house, I found pictures of my Grandpa and I knew immediately what they meant.

Action 489 - Be A Chip Off The Old Block.

The first picture is my Grandpa competing in the Senior Games in Texas. He was a menace in that wheelchair if you made the mistake of getting between him and the finish line. And really, it's not like they were specific and actually prohibited the use of your own feet to move you faster across the course. I like to think that Grandpa just applied a very loose interpretation of the rules.

And this photo is him afterwards, sporting his medals. And now I know where I get my love of cheap, shiny jewelry. Here I thought chasing medals was something new that I was doing. Turns out, it's an old family tradition and I am just the next one in line to do it.

Thanks, Grandpa, for passing down the "I must have that medal" gene. Now I can blame genetics and heredity when I find myself signing up for a race just to get the finisher's medal!

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