Monday, May 7, 2012

Action 445 - Picture Myself As An Ultra.

I can barely believe that I am about to type these words. I can barely believe that the thought has even settled into my mind. But so be it.

Action 445 - Picture Myself As An Ultra.

This time two years ago, I wasn't able to run a mile. The idea of entering a 5K was way too much. And yet tonight, I'm THISCLOSE to signing up for a twelve hour trail race. It's an open event, in that I would have twelve hours to complete as many miles as I possibly can.

Why would I do this? One, because it supports the Wounded Warrior Project. Two, because it is a challenge unlike any I have ever attempted. And three, because it's designed so each runner can do their very best and compete only against themselves. Whether I run one mile or fifty miles, it's all up to me.

Now, I am not sure that I will run this particular race. One, it's $125. And with all my races already paid for and my Marine Reunion coming up, another $125 for race fees is a bit much. (It's all to a great cause, absolutely, just beyond my budget right now.) Two, it's right after my marathon and two days before a scheduled, very hilly half marathon.

But the action here is not necessarily to run it. It's to picture myself as being able to do it or the next one like it. And yes, I can picture it. Holy crap, how mind-blowing is that?

I am not the man I was two years ago. I am a man who can step up to any challenge, give it everything I have, and walk away proud of myself. That is an amazing feeling and a great mental space to be in.

P.S. And here's a link to the same race from 2010. The Goat Medal cracks me up!

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