Monday, May 7, 2012

Action 444 - Be Proud Of The Right Thing.

At Sunday's OC Half Marathon, I ran a PR. I crushed my previous time. And still, that PR is the thing I am second-most proud of from yesterday.

Action 444 - Be Proud Of The Right Thing.

Yes, I am proud of my time. I worked very hard over the last year... especially over the last couple of months... and my speed and stamina are definitely increasing. I continue to do well and I love it.

But yesterday, the run was not the best part of the day. For me, the best part came after the run. I have already talked about how I spent the morning and early afternoon as part of the Jester Crew. But today, seeing a photo of all of us, I really felt the power of what we had done.

One of the other Jesters out there, Shawna, described it best:
This is where the magic happens. Ed and crew bringing in the very last runner at OC. This is Ms. Elaine Karmen. She is 65 years old and rocked her marathon in 7:06:37.

Tonight, I am going to feel proud of myself. But I'm going to feel even more proud of the Running Granny, Ms. Elaine Karmen. Her determination to keep going is the absolute embodiment of the spirit of the marathon.

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