Friday, May 11, 2012

Action 464 - Fly The Friendly Skies.

Not a surprise to anyone that knows me, but I'm pretty comfortable meeting new people. And yesterday, it paid off.

Action 464 - Fly The Friendly Skies.

I was on a Southwest flight to Austin, Texas, and I chose the very last aisle seat. I figured, I checked a bag, so there's no rush to deplane, right?

I noticed one of the flight attendants in a heated conversation with one of the passengers. From what I could hear, the attendant was insisting that the passenger couldn't leave her bag in the aisle during take-off. Simple, right?

By the time the attendant made her way to the back of the plane, she was obviously frustrated. She looked at me and I said, quietly, "people are idiots, aren't they?"

And just like that, she and I were besties. We spent the next two hours laughing at the stupid people... and I spent the next two hours enjoying free cocktails.

And since I had WiFi on the plane, I took the opportunity to update my Facebook status.


Life is fun. And sometimes, it's surprising, too.

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