Thursday, May 3, 2012

Action 422 - Find A New Way Home.

I do a lot of 3-4 mile warm-up runs, and I try to do them outside the gym whenever possible. I have a couple of routes I take, but every now and then, I like to shake it up.

Action 422 - Find A New Way Home.

With my half marathon coming up on Sunday, I needed to get a 5k in today to stretch out. I headed out my normal path and thought I would go the regular way, but I missed a light at 30th and decided to turn with the green and try a whole new course.

I made pretty good time, despite trying to keep it at a 10:30 pace. I'm trying to slow down a bit and focus on distance paces, but I get impatient on 5Ks and my speed keeps creeping up. I also think a new road helps, because there are a lot of new things to distract me and I think less about my pace.

Here's my turn-around point, just across the Adams Avenue bridge over Texas St. It's a really unattractive bridge, as you can see...

... but there's a great view looking north towards Mission Valley.

Maybe tomorrow I'll head east and see what awaits me there.

(Photos courtesy of and SanDiegoDailyPhoto.)

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