Sunday, May 6, 2012

Action 436 - Hurry Up And Wait.

Today was the OC Half Marathon. From door to door, it was 84.2 miles away. That means about an hour and a half of driving to get there. The race started at 6:15, and I had to be at the Finish Line at 5:45 to board the shuttle to the Start. I definitely needed a plan for the timing.

Action 436 - Hurry Up And Wait.

I decided that I would get up at 2am (despite not going to sleep until 11pm... ugh!) and drive up before all the traffic. My plan was to get up there early enough that I could get great parking and then nap a bit before my shuttle time.

Turns out, the plan was brilliant! It worked perfectly. I was right on time, and I was able to park directly in front of the bathrooms, at the post-race expo exit, and maybe 200 feet away from the Finish Line. I was there at 3:30, dashed into the bathroom, then came back to my car, pulled the blanket over me, and took a pretty good nap.

My passenger seat flips all the way flat, so I stretched my legs out, put my feet up, and might as well have been sitting in my recliner at home.

Whenever possible, this will be my timing in the future. I hate feeling rushed, I don't like fighting a crowd to get into the parking area, and I always worry about being late. So with the "hurry up and relax" plan, I can get in, get settled, nap, and be wide awake and ready to run when it's time.

I like it.

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