Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Action 452 - Go With 24 Carrots.

I admit it. I'm a snacker. I like to eat even when I'm not hungry. Since I've been on this physical fitness journey, I notice that I am less likely to graze all day long. But sometimes...

Action 452 - Go With 24 Carrots.

Yep, it's a simple solution that really works. When I am between meals and just feel like snacking, I indulge my cravings with baby carrots.

I like the crunch. I feel like I am actually eating something. And the calorie count is minimal, the veggies are fresh and crisp, and most importantly, I'm not eating something like a bag of chips or a candy bar.

It's not jewelry, but these are 24 carrots that are actually good for me.

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