Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Action 449 - Prepare For Incoming.

For all the juggling I felt I was already doing, my life is about to get much, much crazier.

Action 449 - Prepare For Incoming.

The movie project, From Fat To Finish Line, has kicked up a notch. I am the last runner to be introduced on the movie's Facebook page, plus my photo and name have been added to the header cover photo.

I also got an email from someone at the Pasadena Weekly, and they would like to interview me tomorrow for a piece on the marathon. Add that to the television interview I have already agreed to, and my dance card is filling up.

I've already felt like I was in the spotlight, but it's only going to ramp up quickly from here. Guess I better be ready for it!

(Image courtesy of crossfitgeneration.com)

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