Saturday, May 5, 2012

Action 432 - Find It Or Make It.

Tomorrow is the OC Half Marathon, and afterwards, I'll be joining the newly forming Team Jesters and cheering in all the runners that come in after I finish. There's a marathon and a half marathon, so there will be plenty of runners still making their way across.

Of course, I have to be dressed appropriately. And I would hardly be Team Jester without a Jester's hat, right?

Action 432 - Find It Or Make It.

Unfortunately, there was no finding it today. I checked the obvious places, but even Party City boxed all their jester hats away with their Mardi Gras supplies. The good news is, I have a crafty husband. And he decided he could make a better looking hat, anyway.

Here's the start of it:

I can't wait!

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