Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Action 419 - Toss A Pebble.

It's human nature to feel small in the face of such celebrated "greatness" around us. Superstars, celebrities, and media darlings are everywhere, positioned perfectly to push everything on us from sneakers to cars, designer water to car insurance. The demands for attention are so powerful, it's almost impossible to believe that a single voice can cut through the racket. And yet, somehow, it does.

Earlier today, I received this message from an old friend.
I am doing well. You have inspired me and I have dropped about 30 pounds and am still going.

And yesterday, I read this blog from another friend, who has already lost seventy pounds.
Anyhow, one day during my workout, I thought well, if John can do it, I should at least give it a shot, I mean, he was once in my shoes too.

And a few months back, I had this message from an old Marine Corps buddy.
This whole distance thing is still up in the air for me. Much pain the next day! You were one of the catalysts though with your unrelenting training and progress and your own journey. Truly inspiring!

When I started on my own fitness journey, I didn't do it for other people. I did it for me, because I was literally eating myself into a sad, comatose version of my life. I didn't give a single thought to the idea that I would one day be a positive influence on others.

Action 419 - Toss A Pebble. That's what I have done, really. I made changes in my own life and shared those changes with my friends. And my friends, in return, have given me more support and encouragement than I could ever have imagined.

I get it, though, that my journey was like a pebble in the water, and the ripple effects continue today. Just as I was influenced by those who went before me, my transformation is now influencing others. And those people will, in turn motivate still others. The pebble causes ripples which cause more ripples.

It's a great feeling to be a link in that chain. And I wish nothing more for my friends than for them to be able to look at their own journeys and do so with pride.

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