Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Action 420 - Save My Own Life.

It's a sad day here in San Diego. Junior Seau, NFL superstar and local boy-turned-hero, died today in an apparent self-inflicted shooting. He was only 43 years old.

By all accounts, he was a positive, upbeat, happy man living a great life here in San Diego. But it seems there was a dark shadow over Seau, a sadness and sorrow that turned out to be greater than his passion for life.

The news today is a tragic footnote to the series of blogs I wrote about depression and suicide. When I posted them, I couldn't have foreseen that a man like Junior Seau would be one of those souls who found themselves unable to continue living. And the news, like that of any other suicide victim, always gives me pause. I think, there but for circumstance, goes I.

Action 420 - Save My Own Life. I have wrapped myself around the life I have and I'm not letting go. I am clinging to my loved ones and trusting that they will be enough to help me through the darkest of hours. I am being good to my body in hopes that it will serve me for many, many years to come.

I am sorry for Junior Seau, sorrier for his family that must now go on without him. But I'll use the tragic event of today to dig my own heels in even further. I will let today's shock harden my own resolve to never, ever give in to the temporary sadness.

I have learned to value this life and believe it is worth saving. I won't let anything change that belief.

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