Thursday, May 3, 2012

Action 421 - Try The New Sneaks.

I mentioned earlier that I just bought a new pair of running shoes. And that was just the reason I needed to get out for a warm-up run before Sunday's half marathon.

Action 421- Try The New Sneaks.

I took them out this morning for a spin around the neighborhood, and... wow! I really hadn't given my shoes a lot of thought, but I couldn't really feel a difference running in these today.

I bought my first new pair last January, then followed that up a few weeks later with the second pair. I've alternated the two since then, and I think I may have pushed their "trade by" date just a bit.

Running with the new kicks felt great. I could really feel the support in my arches with these.

Hmmm... might be time to get another new pair and use the two old ones for running in the rain, on the trail, or through the mud.

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