Friday, May 18, 2012

Action 496 - Make Good Fuel Choices.

You would think that after nearly two years of this fitness journey and one hundred days of this specific project, my eating habits would be absolutely solid. You would think wrong.

Just this morning... literally, this morning... I found myself standing in a 7-11, pouring coffee, and eyeballing a pack of mini-donuts. I was thinking, "well, I'm running a marathon on Sunday, so I'll totally burn those calories off."

And then the light bulb flashed in my head.
"Here's an idea, John. How about you DON'T eat those donuts and burn off calories you're already carrying, instead?"

Action 496 - Make Good Fuel Choices.

It really is that simple. Garbage in, garbage out. If I want to run strong and feel good, I need to put good stuff into my system. It's a basic truth that, apparently, I need to learn over and over again.

I went with this, instead. Is it the very best breakfast I could have? No, and I won't let myself get that obsessed with it. But it definitely isn't crap like mini-donuts or some sort of sausage tan food monstrosity off the rollers at the convenience store.

Good choices make good results. So I will make good choices.

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