Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Action 448 - Ignore The Distractions.

As one of my earlier actions, I made the conscious decision to isolate myself from the daily nonsense that passes for political and social news. Listening to the chattering heads and loud-mouthed extremists did nothing to educate, inform or entertain me, so why bother with it? Besides, if anything was really newsworthy, I would hear about it from friends and Facebook, right?

But tonight, the news out of North Carolina has bubbled over my wall of silence. And I found myself engaging in discussion about it despite knowing that there was not one bit of difference I could make by talking about it.

Action 448 - Ignore The Distractions. My marathon comes up in less than two weeks, and the only thing I need to be thinking about is eating right, being active, and repeating consistently.

Shutting off the endless stream of "news" was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I need to remember that when I feel myself drawn into an argument that I know will go nowhere. I have limited time and energy, and I choose to expend it on things that make me happy, healthy and wise.

And now, I am returning to my amazing life already in progress.

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