Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Action 446 - Know DOMS, No DOMS.

I've blogged before about DOMS. I had come to a point where I accepted it as a matter of running long distances. But my friend, Raul, assured me that the more I run and the better I train, the less likely I would be to experience it.

Action 446 - Know DOMS, No DOMS.

I ran a half marathon on Sunday, and in the past, I would wake up on Tuesday with sore and stiff legs. But today, not a problem. I hopped out of bed at 4:30am, grabbed my gym bag and headed out for an easy treadmill run.

Thirty minutes. 3.14 miles. A little tight at the beginning of the run, but really, it felt pretty good. No soreness worth mentioning.

There really may be something to this training bit after all.

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