Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Action 413 - Enjoy A No Frills Meal.

I'm happy that, these days, I'm doing a pretty good job of managing my diet. Breakfasts, lunches and snacks are all planned out and I avoid eating crap during the day.

But dinner. Oh, dinner. I'll be honest, it's a damn hassle. I don't want to eat anything frozen, since I usually have a pre-made meal for lunch. And I don't want to fall back on fast food, because the ease and convenience are nowhere near enough to justify taking in all those empty calories.

So what to do for dinner? It's always a balancing act, finding something that is healthy, good tasting, and not a major production to make.

Action 413 - Enjoy A No Frills Meal.

Last night, my husband managed the perfect simple meal. I had a ribeye steak (single portion, not Ric's usual over-sized Brontosaurus Steak!) and a simple salad.

Sometimes, no frills is just the ticket.

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