Thursday, March 18, 2021

"Follow your passion."


For John, this is a no-brainer. Because he is an empath, it usually follows that he will be passionately doing something socially. He will be looking to help people in need, uplift someone, or looking to fund a cause. This also includes people in his household, like me, Ben, and Gavin. He will make sure our grocery list is set for the upcoming order, that Ben has health insurance, doctors' visits scheduled, milk and cookies in stock, and his finances are in good shape. He will make sure Gavin is visiting the vet and getting dog food delivered. He will make sure that I have texts on my phone and notes in the pockets of my work clothes telling me I am loved. 

On the other hand, he is a passionate organizer. He will be looking to keep our bills and finances organized, creating reminders, checking reminders, and figuring out how to throw out un-needed items, replace needed items, and just concentrate on any messy areas of the house.  

~ Ric

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