Sunday, March 21, 2021

Date Night and Summer BBQs

Another Saturday, another date night, and I am really enjoying having the time with just me and Ric.

This week, we were both feeling optimistic and happily looking forward to the months ahead. People are getting vaccinated and there's finally reason to think that things are going to get better soon.

On the music front, it was my turn to pick the music, so I went with a jazz playlist. It set just the right tone and sounded great in the background.

Looking ahead to the summer, we decided it's time to make plans for a couple of barbecues here at the house. We're going to do it in style with a two-fer, planning back-to-back barbecues over 4th of July weekend. On Saturday, we're hosting a party for my Communications team from the office, and then on Sunday we're hosting a combination marriage anniversary/barbecue for friends party. I'm more excited than I can explain about our lives getting back to some version of normal.

And then it was on to the other fun part of our Saturday date nights - beer tasting. Our brews of choice came from Lake Placid Brewing Co.

Ric liked their Big Slide IPA, but it wasn't something he would want to try again.

I enjoyed their Ubu Ale. There wasn't really anything about it that made it noteworthy, though. It was just another ale.

That's it for this week's date night. And I'm ready for next week!

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