Sunday, March 28, 2021

Lessons in Love - Meet Randi Sue and Sol

Welcome to another entry in my limited series of posts that I'm calling "Lessons in Love." It's my way of recognizing and celebrating the friends in our lives that have created amazing and inspiring long-term relationships. And they've all been kind enough to share a little lesson or two that has helped make their love last. So let's talk about love.

Today, you get to meet Randi Sue and Sol.

When did you become a couple?

August 24, 2001

What makes your relationship work so well?

Luck, mutual infatuation, and good sense of humor.

What relationship advice would you offer others?

What works for us is going to bed at the same time and spending copious amounts of time together.  

Looking at these two over the years, it's like their love is some sort of Benjamin Buttons potion thing, because they both look even greater today than they did back in the day.

And really, if that's what love is doing for the two of you, it's clearly working.

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