Sunday, March 14, 2021

Date Night and Dark Beers

Another Saturday meant another date night, and once again we hung out together in the backyard. It may not seem like a big deal, but we're both really enjoying having time set aside to spend with just each other. 

This week, we talked some more about our planned trip to Europe in September 2022. I took some time earlier in the week to put together a first pass at a travel agenda, and now we're both really excited. Just seeing it written down makes it feel more real, already. Of course, that also means I have started our travel budget, and this is going to be a pricy trip. Worth it, sure, but pricy.

On the music front, it was Ric's turn to choose, and he wanted to listen to the Rolling Stones. It was a nice, random mix of new and old tracks, so that made for a nice musical background.

And then it was on to the good stuff, the European Beer tasting in preparation for our trip. 

This week, it was the delicious Kostritzer Black Lager Beer from Germany. Like its Pale Ale cousin from two weeks ago, it was a popular German beer that hit all the right notes. If given the chance, I'll definitely try to find some of this while we're traveling.

It's still a long way from San Diego to Bitburg, Germany.

And that's it for our date night recap. I hope you all are finding ways to keep yourself engaged and happy during these times of isolation. Good company makes the long days that much easier to get through.

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