Friday, March 12, 2021

New Music Friday

Another Friday, another chance to share new music from my Apple Music suggested tunes list. So let me tell you a few of the tracks that played over and over today.

I definitely was not ready for Brandy Clark to get me crying first up but she did with a song about her mother, or grandmother, or some other woman who loved her and then passed on. It's a weeper, for sure.

And Kurt Hugo Schneider and Shannon K came in strong with a ballad about loss, too. It's a simple track - Anyone - but it's got a great feel to it and I kept hitting replay all day.

And last, Phillip LaRue and a track called Night Swimming. This was definitely the track of the day that kept me coming back to play it just one more time... and then, another. The music was literally a siren song. I'm anxious to find out if there's more to this artist than just a great track. 

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