Monday, March 29, 2021

"Make ideas that create more ideas."


John has no problem with this. His ideas usually create many more ideas as to how to get the original idea done or how to expand on that idea. 
John: “I want a place to lounge with friends.”
Me: "Okay, so I can build a lounge out of brackets I can get from Selena tent and cut my own pipes to frame it and put it up on the driveway. I can make it 10' by 10' but it wont hold that many people… I can make it 10’ x 20’ long and make it 10' to 15’ high. Nobody like flies or bugs so I’ll have to cover it, so I can sew water proof fabric together but I will need to have some air flow because I don’t want it to be a sauna, so I need to sew in screened panels… 

And I will need a couple closable doors so zippered screened panels… and I'll need solid waterproof panels to keep the rain out… and I’ll need some furniture for at least 10 to 12 people and a way to keep it warm in the winter, so I'll need heaters… 

And I am going to need some lighting. If I use white lights that will be boring so I need to make the lights able to change colors… and I’ll need lighting controls, like a lighting control panel… and I’ll need fans to circulate the air in the hot summer months… 

And what is a lounge without music? So I’ll need four to six speakers placed around the tent (hidden of course) and I'll need an amp to power those speakers, and then a music source like Sirius XM satellite radio or Apple music, and adaptors to get it onto the amplifier… and of course I will need to make some tables and a side table where they can put drinks and snacks…. and, oh yeah, I will need to make the whole thing work with voice activation through Siri and Alexa…. And some throw pillows…."

~ Ric

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