Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lessons in Love - Meet Sue and Dan

Today is the debut of a new limited series of posts that I'm calling "Lessons in Love." It's my way of recognizing and celebrating the friends in our lives that have created amazing and inspiring long-term relationships. And they've all been kind enough to share a little lesson or two that has helped make their love last. So let's talk about love.

First up, meet my friends, Sue and Dan.

When did you become a couple?

February 21, 1986

What makes your relationship work so well?

First, we crack each other up...constantly. Second, we could talk for hours...even after 33 years of marriage. And most important,  we recognize we are individuals... with hopes and dreams and ambitions, for this one life we're here for... and we support and encourage each other to achieve those goals, even if they are not shared by the other. We are 2 separate souls... choosing to love, encourage, respect and be partners with and for each other... 'til the end of our time here! 

What relationship advice would you offer others?

Don't tie each other down to perceived "convention" or "expectation" from family or friends or even tradition. Allow each other the freedom to live and have adventures/experiences on their own terms... and be their soft place to fall when they need it. Their safe place. Take care of their heart.  

Here's to all the great years ahead, you two. I hope your lives together just continue to get better and better!

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