Sunday, December 17, 2023

Days 16 and 17 - Embracing December: The Holistic Challenge

Embracing December: The Holistic Challenge for Mind, Body, and Soul

(I'm okay if I need to blog two or three challenges at once. The challenge itself is more important than writing it all down each day like clockwork.)

Challenge Day: 
16 of 31

Action Added:
Check in with Myself

Benefit Type: All-Around


Each day I will take a few minutes to think carefully about how I am feeling, decide if I need a little more attention in one area or another, or just need to throw up a hand and ask for help.

Taking a few minutes to think carefully about how I'm feeling and assessing my needs is a valuable practice for several reasons:

1. Self-awareness: Reflecting on my emotions and mental state helps me become more self-aware. Understanding my feelings allows me to identify patterns, triggers, and potential areas of concern.

2. Emotional regulation: Taking the time to assess my emotions enables me to regulate them more effectively. If I recognize that I'm feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, I can take steps to manage these emotions before they escalate.

3. Prioritization: By evaluating how I'm feeling, I can prioritize my needs. This helps me focus on what truly matters at the moment and allocate my time and energy accordingly.

4. Decision-making: Being in tune with my emotions can enhance my decision-making process. I'm more likely to make thoughtful and rational decisions when I have a clear understanding of my emotional state.

5. Communication: Knowing my emotional needs allows me to communicate more effectively with others. If I need support or assistance, expressing my feelings and needs can strengthen my relationships and help others understand how they can best support me.

6. Preventing burnout: Regularly checking in with myself can help prevent burnout. If I notice signs of stress or exhaustion, I can take proactive steps to rest and recharge before reaching a point of burnout.

7. Increased well-being: Mindful self-reflection contributes to my overall well-being. It encourages a proactive approach to mental health and can lead to a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in various aspects of my life.

8. Building resilience: Understanding my emotions and needs allows me to build resilience. I can adapt more effectively to challenges and bounce back from setbacks when I have a clear awareness of my emotional landscape.

In short, taking time to reflect on my feelings and needs is a crucial aspect of self-care and personal development. It empowers me to make informed decisions, maintain healthy relationships, and prioritize my well-being.

Challenge Day:
17 of 31

Action Added: Take a Micro-Vacation

Benefit Type: All-Around


Each day I will take 5-10 minutes and act as if I am planning a wonderful vacation. 

Taking a few minutes each day to imagine and plan future vacations benefits me in several ways:

1. Stress Reduction: Imagining and planning vacations serves as a mental escape, helping me disconnect from daily stressors and triggering positive emotions.

2. Increased Motivation: Having a future vacation to look forward to serves as a powerful motivator, providing a goal to work towards and helping me stay focused on tasks.

3. Improved Well-being: The anticipation of a vacation enhances my overall sense of well-being, contributing positively to my mood and life satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Creativity: Engaging in the imaginative process of planning a vacation stimulates my creativity, positively affecting problem-solving and other cognitive functions.

5. Quality Time with Loved Ones: Planning a vacation with family or friends strengthens our relationships, providing an opportunity to share ideas and build excitement together.

6. Financial Planning: Planning a vacation involves budgeting and financial considerations, helping me assess my financial situation and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

7. Cultural Exploration: Researching potential vacation destinations allows me to learn about different cultures, histories, and customs, broadening my perspective and knowledge.

8. Increased Sense of Control: Planning a vacation gives me a sense of control over my future experiences, allowing me to make choices that align with my preferences.

9. Positive Visualization: Engaging in positive visualization of a future vacation contributes to a more positive and optimistic outlook on life.

10. Savoring the Experience: The process of planning a vacation allows me to savor the experience in advance, extracting enjoyment from the anticipation and enhancing overall satisfaction.

In summary, taking a few minutes each day to imagine and plan future vacations is a simple yet effective way for me to incorporate positive thinking, goal-setting, and enjoyment into my daily routine.


And, for the first time since I began this project on December 1st, I am dropping a challenge. Two, actually. Here's what and here's why.

Previous Challenge Dropped: Stop drinking diet soda.

Reason Dropped: Because I am not feeling any benefits from it, even after two weeks. I don't need to drink as many per day as I used to, but diet soda with lunch or dinner is perfectly fine.


Previous Challenge Dropped: Spend 5 mins silent and without any tech.

Reason Dropped: After ten days, I can honestly say that I am not ready for anything like. With so much going on right now, spending even five minutes completely inert is torture. Nope, no thanks.

Here is the link to the full spreadsheet with more details, updated daily.


  1. Where are you planning to visit? ❤️

    1. We're heading back to Italy in July '24 and then off to Octoberfest in Germany in September '25. Beyond that, I don't know... yet.