Sunday, December 3, 2023

About That Voting Cartoon...

 I'm guessing we have all seen this cartoon, or at least some knock-off version of it.

Notice the way it implies you are somehow less than an adult if you believe something different?

Well, newsflash: I believe something different.

If we vote differently about the designated name of a new highway, a tax increase, or even a proposed stadium, that's fine. That's politics. And we all have our own opinions and I'll respect that.

But you know what isn't am opinion? You know what shouldn't ever be up for a public vote? Basic human decency towards and the most basic of legal and moral rights to exist as any person who doesn't fit a mold.

Lesbian Moms. Gay Dads. All the other people who fall under the beautiful Queer designation. Women. Black and brown and all colors of people. And all the places where they intersect into unique human beings.

These people all deserve the right to exist peacefully and without harming anyone else, and who are you to think differently? What hubris you have to think you get to decide about things to very basic as a human being?

So, no. If I find out that you voted for someone who has stated repeatedly they want to roll back the clock and undo my marriage to my husband, we won't still be friends. How could we be when you are trying to blow up my life? Fuck no, we won't be grabbing a beer together later.

I can't be any more clear about this. Vote to harm innocent people and anything left of our friendship is done.

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