Friday, March 19, 2010

Reality bites.

I'm feeling great after this past week of being active and eating healthy. So what do I do? I try on a stack of workout gear that I had long ago grown out of. Hello, reality. I might feel like a million bucks, but I'm not yet as slim on the outside as I feel on the inside. Most of the stuff I tried on is still too small. 

I know this is just a temporary thing, and I will get back in shape and be able to wear all of this cool workout gear. But right this moment, it sucks. I'm bummed and... well... that's okay. I can feel like this for a while. Everyone deserves a little pity-party time, right? 

But one thing is for sure. This is not enough to knock me out of my groove. Tomorrow morning, I will be sweating my butt off at my first Zumba class, and Sunday morning I'll be power walking through the zoo. And then, Monday morning, I'll begin the pushup challenge and then get in an hour of cardio at the gym. 

I will not be detoured from my path. I will not be distracted from my journey. And I will not be denied my goal. 

Bite that, reality. 

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