Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I See You Baby...

Up at 5:15am, out the door by 5:30, and at the gym and on the bike by 5:45. I cranked up the trusty iPod and started pedaling. An hour and 26.5 miles later, I was sweating like a whore in church and feeling pretty damn good. 

Now, back in my office, I'm listening to pumping, thumping, electronic dance music and dancing around in my chair. My energy level is through the roof, and I feel like I must be on some drug. 

Ah, yes. Hello, endorphins. I remember you. You are the rush that propels me through my day with an extra bit of pep in my step. You are the buzz that coffee can't match. You are the antidote to the doldrums and the drearies and to all the other "drag you down" crap that threatens to derail my good mood. 

Newsflash: This day is going to pass by me, and these next twenty-four hours are going to be gone forever. I will never have them again, just the memory of how I lived during them. And today... for this day alone... I am going to revel in the day and enjoy each moment and find reason after reason to stay happy. 

Some of you may think I just worked out. Some of you are are mistaken. I didn't just work out. I reset my body and my mind and my spirit. 

Amazing, wonderful, exciting day of opportunity and adventure? Oh, yeah. I see you, baby. And now, it's time for everyone else to see me. 

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