Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dealing With Stress.

I posted this originally in a message thread, but I wanted to post it in my own blog as a reminder to myself. I know this is true, but sometimes, it helps to read it over so I don't forget.) 

Someone posted that when they get stressed out, they turn into junk-food eating machines. She asked what others do to handle that without emotional eating. This was my answer: 

"To answer your question, I can only tell you how I deal with stressful situations. If I already have one problem to handle, why would I purposely invite another one to join it? It's like fighting with one friend and saying, you know, I should call up another friend and totally pick a fight with them, too. 

Now, that works for me because I do not see gorging myself on all kinds of junk food as comforting. I see that sort of behavior as negative and problematic. So I avoid it, especially when I already have other things to worry about. 

Perhaps this is a better way to ask. If you are struggling with a problem, would you call a real friend that you know cares about you or would you call a fake friend that pretends to care but actually hurts you? The real friend, of course. It's the same thing with food. When you are most in need, why turn to the junk food that brings problems? Turn to the healthier food to give you real strength to face adversity." 

It helped me to write this out. It helps me to read it. And maybe, it will resonate with someone else, too. 

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