Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not My Drama.

I've all but abandoned most of the mainstream media news channels and websites. I'm tired of the drama. I don't care if Demi Moore and Kim-Khloe-Kourtney-Kookoo Khardashian are fighting over the word "pimpin'." I don't care if Jesse James' mistress number elebenty bazillion has a tattoo or a website or the cure for cancer. I don't care if the Harcourts are divorcing and I don't care if Jennifer Aniston wears a short skirt or a snuggie. 

Enough with the scandals and the "shocking" revelations and the inside scoops. Enough with the gossip and the rumors and the inane prattle of "those close to the star." These people are not the least bit concerned with my life, and I think it only fair that I offer the same degree of concern for the trials and (faux) tribulations of theirs. 

Going forward, I will spend far more time focused on things that improve my life. Borrowed drama does not. 

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