Monday, March 15, 2010

Outsourced Tech Support

I'm not racist. I'm not xenophobic. And I don't hate foreigners.

That said, I admit that I have an immediate and strong reaction to calling technical support and realizing I have been connected to an outsourced tech. My previous experience tells me that the call will be completely and totally frustrating, I will understand little that is being said to me and the rep will understand even less what I am saying to him. And by the end of the call, I will be worse off than I was when I first realized I needed to call for help.

Yeah, that's my experience. And I'm no longer apologizing for my opinion of it. If I call your company and get connected to tech support in India, I'm going to hang up. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find a rep stateside that can assist me. And then, as soon as I can, I am going to leave your company for a local competitor.

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