Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Unravel Your Mind"


I think this is a very hard thing for John to do. He keeps so many irons in the fire. I think the way he unravels is through Zoom calls with friends and on Facebook. John is very social and that both lets him unburden his mind with friends but also takes on more knowing what friends are going through. I think he unwinds by sharing collectively and being shared with. It’s a very delicate balance. I get concerned when he backs away from those outlets because then he holds things in. 

 I also think John uses music to release or work through feelings. When he is sad he listens to sad songs and when he is happy he listens to fun music to enhance his feeling so he can deal with and make sense of what he is feeling. That is why I feel good when he is humming or singing with a song because I know he is connected in a good place. 

~ Ric

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