Thursday, February 25, 2021

"Butterflies and Caterpillars"

If ever there was a saying that described Ric's life since meeting me, this is it. Ric has never really been an extrovert and he really isn't a fan of other people, especially strangers. His circle was always small and he didn't really see the need to bring more people into it. Then he met me, and since then, his life has been one new person after another. And sure, some of them have been caterpillars. (Or worse, mosquitos, sucking everything they can from us before moving on to the next victim. But I digress.) As I was saying, not all of them have been great. But so many have. So many still are. Our lives are infinitely better for the wonderful, loving, amazing friends we have allowed into our lives, and we are forever grateful that they are with us. And Ric continues to balance being an introvert who likes his privacy with being a grand and gracious host welcoming his ever-expanding tribe. 

~ John

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