Sunday, February 28, 2021

Date Night and Beers of Europe

It's been nearly a full year since the COVID lockdown, and that means it's also been a year since Ric and I we were able to go out for our Monday date nights. I miss that. So we've come up with a way to start it up again... sort of.

Saturday night, we went to our own backyard with a six pack of beer, a portable speaker, and the determination to at least feel like we were out on a date together.

Of course, I also have a John and Ric Mix playlist. It's some country, some pop, music everyone knows and some tunes you'e probably never heard before. It made for the perfect musical backdrop.

And it wouldn't be about me if there wasn't something more to the story, right? Well, here's that part.

Ric and I are planning a trip to Europe in September 2022. Yes, I know that is a long way out, but there is still a global pandemic and international travel concerns. So planning that far ahead seems like the smart thing to do.

Our itinerary is still a work in progress, but we do know that we want to visit Italy (and see our friends, Juliet and Tom), Switzerland (so Ric can see The Eiger), and Scotland (just because I've always wanted to).

And this is where the story of the beer comes in. Even though the trip is eighteen months away, I want to start enjoying the planning. And how better to prepare than to join a Beers of Europe club and sample beers twice a month? Fun, right?

(It's actually an International Beer Club, but you can specify which countries you want to sample.)

And that was how we spent date night, sampling a delicious Kostritzer Pale Ale from Germany. It tasted a bit like Guinness but not as strong. In two weeks, we will be sampling the Dark Lager from the same brewery. I'm thinking it will be much more of a full, heavy beer taste.

It's a long way from San Diego to Bitburg, Germany.

Hopefully, by the time we get to September 2022, we'll be more knowledgable about European beers and know exactly which ones we want to enjoy while we're there. And we get to enjoy International Date Nights between now and then!

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