Sunday, February 28, 2021


This week's card from the Spiritual AF desk is fantastic. It's a definite step up from the old adage about dancing like no one is watching.

Yes, people are watching. And many of them are just waiting to find something to criticize. I'm not blogging enough. I'm blogging too much. I'm talking about them. I'm not talking about them.

Sometimes, dealing with other people and the demands they feel free to put on me is just too much. And I'm learning to walk away from that shit show and enjoy and even celebrate all the things about me that bring me joy and happiness.

This week, I was talking to myself.

I do not need someone else's permission to find joy in a book, a movie, or a song. I don't need someone's approval to make choices for my own self-care. And I don't need other people to chime in and tell me if my decisions are the ones that they would have chosen. I trust that I am a good person who would never knowingly take an action that would hurt someone else, so I can have faith that taking care of me is a good and right thing to do.


I'll dance if I want to. And I'll laugh and be silly and enjoy things just because they are amusing to me. And I won't need anyone else to say it's okay. It's okay because I say it is.

And anyone who thinks they still get a vote in my happiness should feel free to read the card at the top again.

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