Friday, February 26, 2021

New Music Friday

Welcome to #NewMusicFriday. I was inspired by my own Apple Music library and the magic algorithm that gives me a new 25-song playlist every Friday morning. The app/website/magic machine analyzes the music I listen to all week and chooses new music - most newly released, some classic tunes - and drops them into a customized playlist just for me. And each Friday, I listen to that playlist a few times, delete the songs I don't care for, and then add whichever tunes remain to my larger playlist, "Apple New Tunes."

I've been doing it for nearly a year now, and my ongoing playlist has just over one thousand songs right now. And it's mostly new artists that I would never have heard if it wasn't for Apple Music and iTunes. So now, each Friday, I'm going to share a few of the highlights from this week's new tracks.

First up is country singer Carly Pearce. I haven't heard of her before today, but I guess she's had a few hits and is a rising star. Good for her. The track I heard is "Should've Known Better" and I think it's fantastic. Definitely country music and she's got a fantastic voice.

I'm also a fan of Hauskey and the song, "Go Wrong." He's an Australian named Andy and the song is all about the daily worries of a not-so-lucky guy. I dig it.

And my last new music surprise is a beautiful song from the amazing, wonderful, 80's folk/rock/blues/pop Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. I had no idea they had released a new album this year and I can't wait to listen to it all. 

Read about Hunter and the Dog Star here.

And that's new music for this week. See you back here next Friday with more!

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