Monday, August 5, 2013

Perfect August, Day Four Recap: "Hit & Miss"

Sunday marked Day 4 of my Perfect August Challenge, and I am happy to report it was a Hit & Miss day.

What? Oh, no. Not that sort of hit and miss. I hit every one of my goals.
  • It was my one rest day of the week, so there was no running or strength training.
  • I made healthy eating choices, and I used my daily calories wisely enough that I was able to enjoy Chicken Alfredo for dinner and still stay within my range.
  • I tracked every calorie. 
  • I drank a lot of water, well beyond my sixty-four ounce goal.
  • I had coffee early and a glass of ice tea later, but no caffeine after 2pm and no Diet Coke at all.
  • I didn't have alcohol.
  • I got to bed just after 11pm, which was later than I planned but still early enough for me to get a full night's sleep.
  • And I blogged just before I went to bed.
I also spent some time reassessing my weight loss goals on MyFitnessPal. I updated my weight (losing already... go me!) and made a more realistic plan for getting back to my goal weight. I'm going to add strength training this week because I know that a stronger core means faster running.

I prepped for the week by laying out my workout clothes, too. 

Ric is on vacation all week and I'll be getting up in a dark room, so having everything ready make it easier to get out the door with everything I need. More specifically, it makes it harder to say, "oh, I wanted to work out but I couldn't because I didn't know where such-and-such was and didn't want to wake you." (Yes, I know my excuses well.)

So, it was a great weekend and I'm ready to keep the momentum going through the new week!

You may be wondering, "what's with the title of the blog?" Since it was a rest day, I took the opportunity to watch two episodes of the mini-series, "Hit & Miss." It's a show about a transgender contract killer dealing with an unexpected family.

It's fantastic. There are only six episodes and there are no plans for it to return as a series, and you can watch the whole thing on Netflix. Enjoy.

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