Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Perfect August, Day Five Recap: "Miles of Smiles"

Monday was awesome. It's true.

  • Run per training plan? Check.
  • Healthy eating? Check.
  • Tracked calories? Check.
  • Sixty-Four ounces of water? Check.
  • No Diet Coke? Check.
  • No caffeine after 2pm? Check.
  • Blogged? Check.
  • Full night's sleep? Check.
    • My planned workout was a five mile run at 11:48 per mile. I was just a few seconds ahead of that pace, and I felt great. I mean, I felt really great. Compared to the ten miles from Saturday, yesterday's five miles flew right by.

      Granted, there is more going on than the miles. Yesterday was also the fifth day of Perfect August, which means it's been nearly a week since I've had any junk food, alcohol, or diet sodas. I felt fueled and strong yesterday, and that helped me get through the run with no problem.

      In the "not so cool" department, after work, it was time to take my Uncle and my Cousin to the airport. They were here in San Diego over a week, but the visit went by quickly. I think they enjoyed it, and I know Ric and I did. Plus, my Uncle made the best sticky rice ever, so there's that!

      On the way home from the airport, we stopped to take a moment and enjoy the amazing view of downtown San Diego and the harbor.

      Honestly, it doesn't suck to live in this town. And I highly recommend a visit if you haven't been here lately.

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