Friday, August 9, 2013

It's FanBoy Friday!

We all know about Sunday Fun Day and Throwback Thursday, but I think we need a new weekly celebration. I'm kicking off FanBoy Friday (FBF).

What is it? It's a chance each week for me (and you, if you want to play along) to choose a friend and give them a WorldWideWeb shout-out for their awesomeness.

Here, I'll start and show you how easy it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my friend, Minna.

We met when we were both members of, and she was one of the very first Buddies I had there. From the very beginning, she was a big motivator for me. She took the time to comment on my blogs, cheering me on when I was doing well and encouraging me when I was down.

After a while, our SparkPeople buddy'ing became a Facebook friendship, and we now stalk each other and "ooh" and "aah" over each other's lives. She lives in Uppsala, Sweden, so her European life is very different from my SoCal coastal living.

Why Minna for the shoutout? Because she's awesome. She's a beautiful person with a wonderful spirit, and I thank the Internet and the fates that she and I crossed paths. And one day, she and I are determined to cross a Finish Line together, too.

FanBoy Friday, I give you my friend, Minna. You may now say nice things about her.

(And feel free to steal FBF and give your own random friend a shoutout. Good people deserve it!)

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