Wednesday, November 21, 2012

John's Holiday Challenge - The Details

Yesterday, I posted my Holiday Challenge. I listed all the things I plan to do over the next six weeks, but I didn't specify when I would do each thing.

So today, as promised, is my calendar for the challenge.

The good thing about a challenge like this is that I still have some flexibility. For example, last night, my plan to go to the gym for a 5K run and a 60 min bike ride fell apart when I drove up and saw that it was completely crowded. There wasn't even a parking space in the lot or around the block. (That's why I prefer going in the morning!)

Instead of skipping the workout, though, I modified the schedule. I drove home and went for a 5k run around my neighborhood. And then I moved the bike ride to this morning. And at 5:15, I was wide awake, dressing in my workout gear, and on the road to the gym.

Yes, I did it. I went through my circuit training and the I rode the bike for an hour.

I can do this. I may run into some conflicts along the way, and the exact dates may change a bit, but I will get every single thing on my list accomplished.

Holiday Challenge? Yeah, I got this.

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