Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Month of Gratitude - Day 18 (Payback)

Oh, paybacks. Usually when we think of  them, we are hoping for something bad to happen to someone as retribution for a misdeed of their own. But sometimes, it can also be something good.

Today, I'm thankful for payback. Two years ago, my husband willingly sacrificed several weekends of his free time to help friends renovate their mountain condo. The days were long, the work was hard, and the time apart was difficult for us. But Ric stayed the course and helped two wonderful people turn their new purchase into an amazing vacation getaway.

And the payback? Yeah, that. As a reward for his efforts, our friends have invited Ric to use the condo at no charge. It's located in the beautiful town of Mammoth Mountain Lakes, and we have now taken advantage of that offer twice.

It's a great feeling to know that doing something good returns great things to you!

Me enjoying the snowstorm from the warmth of the porch.

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