Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Thirty-Nine

What an incredible year it's been. And then just like that, it's gone. But, oh the things I did and the places I went.
  • Enjoyed a great birthday bash weekend
  • Went ice skating
  • Became SCUBA certified, basic open water and advanced
  • Went quad riding in Glamis
  • Spent a weekend in New York City, and ran a 4k in the snow
  • Temecu-Gras, the annual wine tour
  • Went to Phoenix for Gay Pride
  • Was the top fund-raiser for the Being Alive AIDS ride
  • Diving at La Jolla shores... a lot!
  • Went to Cataline aboard the Horizon
  • Rode in the Urban Assault Race
  • Spent 9 days diving in Hawaii
  • Dove the Ruby E & The Yukon
  • Ran the Camp Pendleton Mud Run (twice!)
  • Dove the Channel Islands
  • Vacationed in Yosemite
  • Welcomed our Marine buddies back from Iraq
  • Started date nights with Ric
  • Finally went to the Birch Aquarium
  • Watched the Padres play (and win!)
  • Reconnected with Marine buddies from way back when
  • Held my own 5k fund-raiser
  • Managed to get down to a 32 inch waist!
  • Traveled to Bridgeport
  • Returned to Boot Camp for the Marine Challenge
  • Held a retirement party for Grant
  • Spent a crazy weekend in Vegas
  • Reunited with my friend Juliet!
  • Toured the Midway with my Grandpa
  • Discovered Neutral Underground on the web
  • Spent a fantastic birthday weekend with Ric in Hollywood
  • Enjoyed "Dance, Dammit," the birthday edition
This past year has been incredible. I lost nearly 30 pounds by eating healthier and working out, then put 10 of it back on over the past three months. Oh well, all the more motivation to get back to the gym and keep working out.

Thank you to all my friends - old and new - for another fantastic year. I am blessed to have such great friends, family, and husband in my life.

Now, here's to 40!

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