Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Year's Eve - Welcome 2007!

What a fantastic New Year's Eve! This year, we decided to make a real night of it, including dinner, dancing and a nice hotel. So Grant made reservations at the Park Manor Suites, and we made it to the hotel just in time to catch the last of sunset. It was beautiful, with just enough cloud cover to make the sky light up. Gorgeous!

After sunset, we walked across the street to Jimmy Carter's Cafe. For most of the meal, we were the only customers, so it felt like having our own private restaurant. We had a delicious five course meal. I couldn't even finish everything.

After dinner and drinks downstairs in the room, we all wandered up to the roof. The Top of the Park was really nice, decorated from end to end and ready for the New Year.

This is the whole group, having a great time while counting down.

Here is Grant, enjoying his drink and clinging to the rail for dear life. (Not a fan of heights, you know...)

And Joel and Sook-Jin, dressed for the formal occasion.

And Pauline and Brooks, having a great time.

And Ric and I, topping off our formal wear with some informal headgear.

For more photos, you can check out Ric's website.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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