Thursday, January 18, 2007

Date Night - Very International

Ric and I have decided to explore different world restaurants each week on our Date Nights. Living in San Diego, we have nearly every cuisine available to us, so it's time to start exploring. So far this year, we have eaten Brazilian and American. (Sorry, Ric really wanted a burger!)

Last night, we decided to try Greek food. We went to the Greek Islands Cafe at Seaport Village. We got down there just before sunset, so it was absolutely beautiful. The cold weather meant that very few tourists or locals were around, so it felt almost like having the entire area to ourselves.

This was the view looking across San Diego Bay towards the Coronado Bridge.

And the sun as it began to set behind Point Loma.

And this is Ric, trying not to look cold.

And the view from inside the cafe. The sun had just gone down.

Here I am, much warmer inside the cafe.

And Ric and I after dinner. It really was beautiful.

And the dinner itself was fantastic. We sampled a bit of everything - gyros, the shishkabob, spinach and cheese pie, stuffed grape leaves, pita bread, a cucumber dressing and a greek salad with feta cheese. It was inexpensive, delicious and filling.

Next week? Mexican. (C'mon, it's San Diego. Why put that one off when we can find a good Mexican restaurant on every corner?)

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